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Britany Wiliams

I’m Britany, a NASM certified personal trainer, HIIT and barre instructor from Portland, Oregon. With the right attitude, anything is possible — all it takes is one good workout to give you the confidence that will carry through your whole day!

My barre program is for anyone! With modifiable, low-impact, high-intensity moves that define and strengthen your body, it will push you mentally and physically, and you will love it!
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Barre with Britany

Barre with Britany is six weeks of classes that blend traditional elements of ballet and Pilates with athletic, high-intensity movements to build strength, while increasing flexibility, coordination and control.

Each class can be done in a small space, with a chair for balance. The low-impact exercises are designed to increase mind-body connection, while building strength through isolation of key areas and isometric holds.

With beginner weeks to build confidence in the movements, there's also an optional high-intensity class for more of a challenge. The program includes four classes each week, each taking around 30-45 minutes, with two optional cardio sessions for overall fitness.

This program is ideal for anyone wanting to build balanced muscle strength and explore this athletic style of barre.

High-Intensity Barre with Britany

Achieve your strength and fitness goals and feel the burn with Britany Williams’ High Intensity Barre program.

High Intensity Barre with Britany fuses strength training and high-intensity movements together with barre, for workouts you can do with minimal equipment in 35 minutes or less.

Starting with two foundation weeks, you’ll build your courage and resilience as Britany guides you through each workout. She’ll then keep your motivation high for an additional six weeks of intermediate-level full-body training.

Each week you can choose from four workouts that target different areas of the body and focus on building your core strength and stability. The combination of repetition and holds with traditional strength exercises will really push you.

There are also two optional express workouts that change each week to keep your training varied and interesting.

Are you ready to feel the (barre) burn?
Train with Britany